Friday, April 21

Fukuoka // An unexpected surprise - cherry blossoms

One of the highlights of our trip was definitely cherry blossoms. When we booked our trip, we gave up any chance of seeing cherry blossoms as they usually bloom late March in this part of Japan. I saw a few cherry blossoms trees outside our apartment and felt lucky to have seen them. Imagine my surprise when we made a trip to Uminonakamichi Seaside Park (海の中道海浜公園) on the first day and were greeted by an assembly of cherry blossoms . Best of all, there were hardly any crowds on we have all these cherry blossoms to ourselves.

Thursday, April 20

Ohayo Fukuoka

Hey Fukuoka, you were a lovely surprise (caveat: we had very low expectations). Thank you for treating us so well =) Hundreds of photos to sieve through, will update soon!

Thursday, April 13

Be right back

(Image credit: deconstructed bouquets)

On a vacay with our boys xoxo

Wednesday, April 12

Return to Itacho Sushi, Ion Orchard

We haven't been to Itacho Sushi and a recent trip to their Ion Orchard made me wonder why we don't go back more often. Eating here is defnitely more of a harried experience compared to Sushi Tei, but the variety here never fails to pique my interst.

Unagi Rice

We ordered Unagi Rice for the boys. I like how you can customise your order and I vetoed the onions as the boys aren't fans.

Soft Shell Crab Salad

 I like my salads with a touch of sin. The soft shell crab was still crisp upon serving.

Roasted Fatty Salmon Sushi - always a pleaser!

Hana Batake 

Deconstructed sushi with uni, salmon roe, negatory, scallop, crab and tobiko. Interesting take on sushi that might make sushi purists gag.


 Grilled Yellowtail Head

I would return any day for this. Impecably fresh, larger than both palms combined. A squeeze of lemon and we picked at this till there was nothing but bones left.

Monday, April 10

Super Social BBQ at Timbre - Space!

Last weekend, along with our friends and their little ones, we took the boys to Super Social BBQ at Timbre. Every month, there is a unique theme and there are many kid-friendly activities such as face April's theme is Space and I knew we had to make a trip, given the boys' love for planets. 

We had a (comet) ball of a time and the best part of the evening were the quizzes. You can see the entire episode on my Instagram here. The Firstborn knows the answer to "What is the hottest planet in our solar system?" and won a $20 Timbre voucher! He thought he won cash and told me he wants to buy me flowers with the money. Ahh! #parenthood_moments #passmethetissues

Wednesday, April 5

Populus Coffee & Food, Neil Road

Contemporary gastro-cafe Populus Coffee & Food has evidently carved a name for themselves in an industry riddled with one too many eggs-benedict cafes. At 9:30am (their opening time), there was a steady queue of people hoping to grab a seat and a bite. Intense.

I met up with my girlfrieds for a belated birthday brunch for our friend and was pleased with the yummy heathlish food. Ok fine, maybe the fried chicken doesn't qualify as healthish but it's really good - I loved the seasonging of the chicken and the house special ranch dressing coated the crunchy fried chicken provided saucey comfort! I enjoyed the beef bulgogi salad and was very taken with the charred broccoli side dish. The only letdown was pulled pork grain bowl that was marred with dry stringy pulled pork. We wrapped up the meal and great conversation with a puckery key lime tart that had a buttery digestive base.

 Beef 'Bulgogi' & Quinoa Salad 

Pulled Pork Grain Bowl

slow cooked pulled pork, quinoa, bulgar wheat & pearl barley, furikake baby corn, red cabbage & apple slaw, roasted zucchini, toasted butternut squash, sauteed cherry tomatoes, L&P mixed mushrooms

Roasted Broccoli

Spring Pancake & Fried Chicken 

spring onion & corn pancake, crispy succulent fried chicken thigh fillet, hint of cumin, house special ranch dressing 

Key Lime Tart

Friday, March 31

Paradise Dynasty, Ion Orchard

Gasp... we have come to the end of March, the end of the first quarter! 
Keep calm and eat xiao long baos! 
I have a really diverse team - and that includes dietary preferences and requirements. From foodies to vegans and the plain picky, there are very few places we can go to as a team without someone feeling left out. In fact, in my three months here, there is only one place we have gone to as a team and that is Paradise Dynasty at Changi Airport. I’ve grown to really like the food there and for our regular fortnight meal with my in-laws, I suggested going to Paradise Dynasty at Ion Orchard.

Xiao Long Bao

Paradise Dynasty is best known to be the first to present 8-hued xiao long bao sampling basket, which consists of flavours such ginseng, foie gras, black truffles, crab roe, cheese, garlic and Szechuan. Personally, I am not a big fan of funky flavours. I’m a traditionalist when it comes to xiao long bao. Old school traditionalist.

A little fatty and porky; the broth is quite divine. I didn’t want Lucas to scald himself so I sipped up the broth in his xiao long bao. Hooray for maternal instincts!

French beans with Minced Pork 

A decidedly superb dish, given the humble ingredients involved.

Fried Rice with Prawns 

A kid-friendly carb. It was rather ordinary, I think Din Tai Fung makes a meaner plate of fried rice any given day. 

Mala Shui Zhu Yu (Sichuan Boiled Fish) 

What I really liked about this was the inclusion of beancurd skin stripes, mung bean noodles and bean sprouts. Russell loved the ming bean noodles, though he did need an ice cube to cool off after eating it. A wickedly fiery dish that can be shared by all. We ordered level 2 and it burnt a hole in my stomach. You have been duly warned.

Vegetables Pork Wanton 

Tubby yet silky dumplings stewing in a light creamy broth. They do taste somewhat like the xiao long baos with just a spattering more greens.

Pan Fried Shanghai Pork Bun 

Juicy meat buns with crisp bottoms. We get at least 4 plates of this whenever we have team lunches. It's that good - or we are just gluttons.

And because I have been to Paradise Dynasty at least 3 times over the past couple of month, here are some dishes worth ordering too: Radish Pastry, Pork Dumplings with Chilli Sauce, Ma Po Tofu and Red Bean Pancake