Wednesday, January 18

Oozy molten cookies at KOOKS Creamery

When it comes to desserts and ice cream pairing, I prefer cookies and brownies over waffles and pancakes any given day. Thus you can imagine my excitement when I discovered KOOKS Creamery and we made it a point to try it out on our regular Tuesday-ice-cream day. 

I got to say it was quite underwhelming as the cookie was pretty small (though yes, delectable) and served in a cast-iron-wannabe plate. Perhaps it would be much more satisfying to serve up skillet cookies... Mmm!

Monday, January 16

Getting crabby at Crab Kingdom Bedok South

Team lunch at the not-very-regal Crab Kingdom, which is located at a coffee shop at Bedok South. I am more of a chili-crab-kin-of-person but this broth was so so good! One of my colleagues remarked this is a very popular hangout for Chinese New Year reunion meals and Mothers' Day. One shall not try and make any direct connections between the dish and occasion. 

Thursday, January 12

Celebrating Kennth & Chern Harn, Capella Hotel Sentosa

Our first wedding of 2017 was in honour of Kenneth & Chern Harn. It took place at the lovely colonial grounds of Capella Hotel. I have such mixed feelings of Capella Hotel; it is a beautiful hotel but the food and service were really nothing to shout about. That said the highlight was definitely being able to share their joy - and swooning over little boys with bow ties.

Monday, January 9

Swept away by Jaan, once again

KW and I scored some time off at the end of 2016 and we decided to celebrate the year with a treat at Jaan. Admittedly, with Chef Julian Royer’s departure, I kept my expectations in check and wished for nothing more than a relaxing fine meal. It is quite obvious from the title that we had a great time.

At this point, I would like to make a note of their service, which initially borderlined on unacceptable for a fine dining establishment. Specifically, those white and in management positions need to work harder on their EQ – hey, everyone is working hard to make Jaaan an amazing restaurant, don’t let your team down. Kudos to the local staff who made our visit a pleasant experience.

Ok, onto the happy stuff.

Knowing that there would be amuse bouche, snacks and pre-dessert, as well as a heavy dinner at Basilico later, we opted for a moderately modest 5-course option. As soon as we settled down, a bevy of amuse bouche were served. Nice. I can’t think on a stomach. They were all interesting one-or-two bite snacks that made us go “Mmm, we are off to a good start.”

Tapioca chips with hummus and yogurt

 Foie gras truffle macarons

Cheddar Sticks  

JAAN’s version of fish & chips  

Truffle mushroom consommé with potato espuma and crunchy potato bits  

Bread basket 

Wheat, sourdough, milk brioche and walnut raisin (my favourite), served with unsalted butter and a very interesting seaweed butter.

Heirloom tomato  

Stuffed heirloom tomato, served alongside burrata espuma, basil sorbet, pesto and foam. A refreshing start.

Watching over our hatch like proud parents

Soft Organic Hen’s Egg  

This is a Jaan signature that we also had under Chef Julian Royer. Gimmicky and theatrical. Perfectly poached egg poured into a silky potato mash and crunchy chorizo iberico cubes. Yet another warm-thy-heart dish.


Roasted fillet of turbot, cuttlefish and pumpkin puree. The turbot and cuttlefish were perfectly made (fresh and toothsome), and the company of pumpkin puree was unexpectedly good.

Guinea Fowl

Guinea fowl with potato fondant and rillette, drizzled with an unctuous foie gras and chicken jus. Once again, an elegantly plated dish that tasted as good as it looked.

Cucumber sorbet

Ivory Caramel

Go big or go home. I love my chocolate desserts bold and intense, and this was an arresting assembly of chocolate. They need to start selling that caramel white chocolate ice cream in pints. Chef Westaway came out personally to serve the chocolate foam, so this would be a good time to thank him for the meal.

Mignardises: Lavender jam biscuits, amalfi lemon tart and chocolate truffles 

The mignardises were a lovely end to the meal. It's hard to get the balance right with one-bite desserts and they are usually overwhelmingly sweet, but these were all perfect.

The dishes at Jaan are beautiful and elegantly plated, on top of that, the flavour profiles are varied, punchy and bold. You would probably have guessed from the title, we were not disappointed and this is arguably my favourite 'fine dining meal / special occasion meal' of 2016!

Thursday, January 5

Lucas // two years old

Lucas, you are two. What a wonderful time it has been.

Your Chinese name means "to bring about great change" - huge expectations to live up to. While it might seem lofty or even unrealistic to expect so much from you, I feel you have done exactly that with the time we have spent with you. You have changed us all with your gentle innocence. I will readily admit I am not the most maternal of people, yet with you, I feel an overwhelming surge to protect you, to care for you as if you are a precious gift.

With your elder brother, I didn't have to worry about milestones, but with you, .I feel as if I subconsciously ask you to slow down. Every milestone you hit is a reminder of an experience I might never have again. 

There is little doubt you put your brother on a pedastal and we hope you and your brother will be there for each other for life. Though you are alot more easy-going, compared to your elder brother, you have shown a side not to be trifled with, especially when your favourite books are in questionable custody.

You may be two but you will always be my baby. Mama, Papa and your gorgor love you very much.

Monday, January 2

Celebrating John & Kerri - Keep calm and Kerri On

It was lovely to end off 2016 celebrating my cousin Kerri and John's wedding. I consider myself lucky to come from a huuuugeee family and I grew up alongside my cousins so it is very heartwarming and exciting to see everyone grow up and get "married off." I think 2016 gets lots of sh*t for being a horrible year but I believe you can't go very wrong with your loved ones beside you.

With a fraction of my cousins (the girls)

Lucas getting in on the cupcake action 


Snuck in a carrot cake cupcake 

Love the pairing of orchids and baby's breath

My boys pre-dinner 

No chocolates but at least I didn't get salt & pepper shakers

Monkey shots with the first born 

And another 


Great to be back at Shangri La Hotel, 
where we held our wedding dinner 5 years back

Warning: You are going to see lots of pictures of us attending wedding over the next couple of weeks. Me happy. I love love love attending weddings! 

Saturday, December 31

Goodbye Sweet 2016

2016 has been an amazing year. I know I have a tendency to repeat this statement =) It was a year of personal growth, mindful living and discovering my (working) purpose in life.

It was a year of celebrations. Lucas’ first birthday and Russell’s deer-themed birthday party reminded us of how precious times were with the two little ones. I would always be very grateful to KW for whipping up my birthday dinner single-handedly (those crab cakes!). Happy times with several weddings of dear old friends as well.

It was a year of exploration. We traveled to Osaka, Koyoto and Nara, where Russell developed his immense love for deers. Melbourne came knocking and we ate our weight in seafood and gelato. Back at home, we appreciated how Singapore has evolved to be more kid-friendly with ArtScience Museum, National Gallery and Gardens by the Bay. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about the dastardly humidity just yet.

It was a year of quality family time as we took our first family trip in 3 years with my parents and sibling. We spent many weekends with our boys doing seemingly-routine activities that mean the world to our boys.

Although this started out as a food blog, it is quite obvious I haven’t quite sustained the momentum. In fact, most of the meals weren’t about what I ate but who I ate them with.

Thank you for sticking around, I wish you an even more glorious 2017 full of positivity, surprises and joy!