Friday, September 30

More around Melbourne

Thank you for the memories!

Wednesday, September 28

Melbourne: Fitzrovia

Located along the fringes of Albert Park, Fitzrovia was one of my favourite cafes in Melbourne. The atmosphere is hard to beat, when you enter the restaurant, it is as if you have stepped into someone's modern countryside kitchen. The visually arresting dessert counter had me thinking about the after party even before we ordered our mains. To top it off, their warm service was a sharp contrast to the gloomy overcast day we were experiencing. 

Given the eating we would be dong throughout the day, we stuck to our game plan - a couple of main dishes and dessert. An ocean trout, tiger prawns and salmon pie filled us with warmth and comfort; and pie is something I would very much associate our trip with this time round.

The crispy skin roast Strathfieldsaye pork belly in red curry was such a surprise (given we have quite a fair bit of experience with curry) and the accompanying roasted pumpkin was sublime.

For dessert, it was a hard choice, and we ended things with a banana, fig and espresso pudding.

It is a lovely place for families, couples and just about anyone who would like to enjoy seasonal, artisanal food.

Monday, September 26

Great Ocean Road

After many days in the city, we took a break from urban life and went on a day trip long the Great Ocean Road. We didn’t want to deal with a car since it was just a day trip, but if truth be told, it was a really (too) long coach ride. I would highly recommend you rent a car and find one or two interesting towns to make a pitstop. It was cloudy and drizzly too which didn't make for much fun but at least we learnt plenty more about the Aussie history. #moredinnerconversationtopics

We lunched at Apollo Seafood Café, and was rewarded with an amazing lobster burger filled with fresh chunks of sweetish briny lobster meat and coleslaw. And all for AUD$12! They had good fish & chips too; we tried their local flake and loved it. But their calamari was batter-heavy and clumsy. Come for the fish & chips, stay for the lobster burger.

That said, I had a mini epiphany on the road trip: With more than 10 hrs on the road with 2 little ones, I was seriously doubting this day trip until Russell interrupted my thoughts and said, "We forgot to celebrate 公公's birthday!" I could kiss his little face for reminding me that it wasn't about where we were or how many apostles we saw, but just to savour the time we have together. Kids, knocking sense into you when you least expect it.

Friday, September 23

Melbourne: Pidapipo Gelateria, Lygon Street

Supposedly best gelato in Melbourne. Even Adriano Zumbo is a fan. Their gelato is truly one of the best out there in terms of flavors and I am guessing that’s because it is made in-house daily and they put a a lot of care into the ingredients sourced.

We had their Pistachio and Peanut Butter Nutella with Toasted Brioche - two flavours I typically don't pick for desserts (as much as I love peanut butter, I don't usually like peanut butter stuff). IMHO, their Pistachio is one of the best I have ever had - nutty and punchy without the medicinal aftertaste; the Peanut Butter with Nutella was great too - bang on peanut-y flavour without being too cloying

Now, they reportedly serve Nutella out of a tap. Where can I get my hands on one of these golden taps?

Thursday, September 22

Melbourne: Fitz Cafe, Brunswick Street

We visited some lovely eateries and Fitz Cafe is one of them. The place is warm and inviting, food is unpretentiousness hearty and the service genuinely heartfelt.

The Pulled Pork Burger was a handful of hand-pulled porky goodness and slight crunchy coleslaw lovingly embraced between buttery toasty sesame buns. And those cajun-dusted potato wedges? As addictive as they come.

Out of the many things on the menu, I would have probably gone for the Jerk Burger or Corn Fritters, but we went with the Duck Pasta as it was more kid-friendly. The shredded duck ragout was given an Asian touch with the addition of spring onions and plum sauce; it was interesting and earthy, great for those who prefer non-tomato-based pasta.

We were stuffed (especially from the morning market grub) but went ahead with dessert anyway. Hey ho, we are on vacation! We decided to get the Nutella Smash Brownie because those brownies on the bar counter were just calling out my name.

Nutella brownie might sound like a no-brainer for deliciousness but this was so much more than that. Fudgy brownies and pistachio confetti conceal a dollop of rich decadent Nutella, a scoop of vanilla ice cream just keeps it from treading across the too-rich territory. The perfect word to describe this: scrumdiddlyumptious (thank you Mr Dahl)

After lunch, we took a walk around the very lovely Fitzroy Garden, where spring flowers were abloom. 

Good times xoxo 

Tuesday, September 20

Melbourne: Collingwood Children's Farm

If you have kids, they will love you for bringing them down to Collingwood Children's Farm  - even if you don't, it is a place that would bring out the inner kid in you. I knew we would truly benefit from this visit when Russell saw the farm and asked if it were a golf course. #citykidwoes

The Farm and Cafe are open every day but the Farmers’ Market takes place only on every second Saturday of the month so we were very lucky to catch it. There is a huge affair of awesome homegrown produce (not of the farm animals sort), cute farm animals, yummeh munchies which included a warm toasty gozleme that the kids love and the best falafel sandwich ever!

Come hungry.