Wednesday, March 22

Birthday traditions at Silk, SICC

It has become somewhat of a tradition to celebrate KW's grandmother's birthday at Silk at SICC and we are pretty pleased about it. The food is great and we don't have to fret about the kids' acting up  - a win on many fronts. As per the usual arrangement, my father-in-law picked out a 8-course set meal and it was one of those rare instances where every dish was right up my alley. 

We kicked off with longevity buns before this little piggy arrived. Though I am no expert on suckling pigs, this was fantastic sample. Tender and fatty, veiled with thin crispy skin. 

That's my man, slicing up the pork cheek. I am blessed. 

"Banquet soups" are a really hit and miss for me, but I know I can always count on the creamy but light double-boiled fish bone soup with fish maw and bamboo pith.

Cereal prawns are my favourite and it took a lot of will power to not hoover down the cereal flakes. Silk does a really good wasabi prawn too.

Chinese mushrooms, tofu and greens. A break between the richness of the other dishes.

We were served individual portions of pan-fried Wagyu beef. By now, I was started to regret my pig-out with the roasted suckling pig, but this incredibly tender slice could not be passed up.

Another winning dish is the wok-fried crab meat with egg white and truffle oil.

I didn't take any pictures of the braised mee pok with truffle oil and assorted Chinese pastries but they weren't any different from previous years.

Monday, March 20

Friday, March 17

Friday 17th finds

Must read //

This girl's got SASS. I'm surprised yellow sweaters are not a sell-out yet.

 "The best TED talks aren’t just about the best ideas, they’re about the best stories." True that.

Hilarious, have you seen the movie, Beauty & the Beast?

Traditional Rwandan hairstyle - Amazing hair sculptures!

I am not a gadget person when it comes to my kids but Moonlite, a bedtime story project, is pretty dope.

Must visit //

A stunning hotel in Madrid.

Must make //

Oh Lordy, Lordy, all these cheesecakes! I will have one of each.

Wednesday, March 15

PIM PAM by FOC, Orchard Road

Last year, I met up with a couple of girlfriends at FOC by Nandu Jubany for lunch. The meal consisted of a smorgasbord of sleek Catalan dishes, deliciously satisfying. The FOC family now has an offshoot, PIM PAM by FOC, a gastro-bodega inspired by the Barcelonan tapas and wine culture. If the intimate FOC is a great place for date night, PIM PAM by FOC is your to-go family-friendly spot. Great service, pleasing noms.


We ordered two versions, Ham and Crab. This is a must-order. Encasing rich creamy insides is a thin crumbed batter that doesn’t even count as batter as it is more of a fritter.

Oven-baked Bread Crumbs with Chorizo & 
Potato Foam, topped with Fried Eggs

As the name suggests, this is really just a fried egg with bread crumbs. But the egg is temptingly runny and a great binder for loose fluffy breadcrumbs.

Juicy Pork Meatballs stewed with Baby Octopus

Super tender meatballs but I wouldn’t get on board with the octopus stew. There is something about this surf and turf concoction that didn’t sit well with me.

Pan-fried Prawns with Garlic, Parsley & Bread

Quite a no-brainer dish - must admit I ordered this for my boys who loved it. My only quibble is the hard toast that was devoid of sauce-soaking properties.

Tender & Juicy Pork Shoulder with Black Garlic Mayo

This was a really good grown-up dish. With a whiff of chargrilled smokiness, I had no idea pork should could be this tender.


A likeable dish. Missing socarrat but still brimming with flavor.

Monday, March 13

Baker's Brew Studio, Paragon

Visited the new Baker's Brew Studio over the weekend on Sunday. Their Paragon outlet boosts a new concept, housing both baking studio and a café. The café only opened last Saturday and it isn’t fully operational (i.e., no classes just yet); they are currently on a soft launch to iron out all the kinks.

In full disclaimer: I knew about the opening as we are friends with one of the owners. Along with my family, we visited without informing our friends and I paid close to $70 for 3 slices of cake and 5 beverages.

The 3 cakes that we had – Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake, Lemon Passionfruit Cake and Tiramisu – were hefty slices. If you like your cakes light and airy, this is not the place for you. My younger sister thought their cakes are too dry and I probably didn’t find them as offensive as I prefer denser cakes. That said, I can see many mother-daughter bonding sessions happening at the pretty modern luxe baking studio slash café.

Thursday, March 9

My favorite podcasts, what's yours?

For the last year or so, I have been binge-listening to podcasts. The long journeys to and fro work have become a scared avenue for me to immerse myself in another world.

When I started out with podcasts, I was going through a tough time at work and need to learn more about myself. Hence, I rotated around podcasts that focused on self-discovery, mindfulness and healthy living. I then moved onto podcasts about current affairs and human behaviour during the US elections period. These past few weeks, I have been obsessed with crime, thriller and human consent. Yup, heavy stuff which does not always make for the best Honey-how-was-your-day? type of conversations.

| Self-Discovery, Mindfulness and Healthy Living |

Over It And On With It by Christine Hassler is great for those who would love a life coach but can't afford one (yup, that's me). Very practical advice and Christine's voice is made for podcasts.

Andrea Owen's Your Kick Ass Life Coaching consists no-nonsense, no-BS life advice. Though I don't drink, I liked her mini series on alcoholism and sobriety.

Current Affairs |

One of the first that I started on, HBR Ideacast is weekly podcast featuring the leading thinkers in business and management from Harvard Business Review. Episode 543: Building Emotional Agility was helpful once upon a time.

With just one season, Revisionist History revisits from the past: an event, a person, an idea. Something overlooked. Something misunderstood. My favourite episodes are from his 3-part series on capitalization and human potential: Carlos Doesn’t Remember, Food Fight, and My Little Hundred Million. Bare bones capitalization at play.

Using science and storytelling, Hidden Brain helps us better understand our world. Bonus points for host Shankar Vedantam learned accent. Curious about the rich and how they live their lawless lives? Check out Episode 49: Filthy Rich.

Invisibilia is about the invisible forces that control human behavior – ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions. A good episode to start would be The Personality Myth.

RadioLab is a radio show and podcast weaving stories and science into sound and music-rich documentaries. Gray's Donation, on infant organ donation, was an exceptionally heart-wrenching story. Still get a lump in my throat when I think about the baby Thomas.

| Law & Crime |

More Perfect dives into the rarefied world of the US Supreme Court. Perhaps because I am a mum, I found Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl gripping.

Criminal is a podcast about stories of people who've done wrong, been wronged, or gotten caught somewhere in the middle. I particularly loved Episode 49: The Editor.

I know there are really good podcast are there such as Serial. I haven't tried them out as I am worried they will be too dark.

Do you listen to podcasts? Feel free to share your favourites!

Monday, March 6

Rochor Thai, Novena

One Saturday, we had to grab lunch within the Novena area and we discovered Rochor Thai, a cosy joint that whips up a mean Thai meal. Previously located in Joo Chiat and Rochor Centre, chef-owner Joel Ong honed his skills in Thailand and it seems like his cooks are from Thailand as well. I am glad they didn't dumb down the food for us locals.

I have an incredibly soft spot for Thai omelettes so I knew I had to order their Crab Meat Omelette. Proving that there is an 5 year old in me that never grew up. this made me a happy camper.

The Cabbage with Fish Sauce is a deceptively simple dish that made us gush over cabbage. You don't get to type out a sentence like this any day.

The boys lapped up the Pad Thai though 2 year old Lukee whisper, "Spi-cy" a couple of times; I thought it was on the sweet side. This sure isn't the best rendition out there but it will be a crowd pleaser.

We also decided to try the Salted Baked Seabass, which is gentle baked for 25 mins. This is a regular feature among Bangkok's street scene and I am sure KW is thrilled he didn't have to slum it out to enjoy it. The chili dipping sauce is amazing.

We didn't have desserts but the Thai iced tea was an aromatic creamy delight.